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Frequently asked coaching questions 


ღ  Do I have to live near you to be a coaching client?

Great news, the answer is a big NO. In fact, all of my work is done online. This way of coaching allows me to work with clients from all over the world, thanks to the power of the internet. I offer coaching in facebook or instagram private chat or by text.  Being able to connect this way is convenient as the conversations move fast, in real-time and there is no video involved, so you can be coaching in the comfort of whatever it is you have going on. Do you struggle with social anxiety where it’s hard to share in person or via video? Do you have a busy schedule where it feels next to impossible to fit anything else in ?  If so, this may be the coaching for you. 

ღ What can you help me with as a virtual LIFE coach

  Life coaches help people make positive life changes in different areas of life. Some people come to coaching for help with the following things, these are just a few examples. If you're wondering if I can help with something specific, please send an email to ( Bown not Brown ) 

* Learning how to cope with stress

 * Working on self love & belief 

 * I help a lot of people with weight lose. It's important for me to be transparent here, I'm plus size and will be working on this goal for life myself. In saying that, because of this, I know the thoughts, feelings and emotions involved and have a lot of support to offer.

 * Needing someone to help sort and set their wants into goals.

* Making a plan to organize / clean their home 

 * Needing someone to bounce ideas off of with regards to changing jobs, going to school, saving money....

* Finding clarity in what's truly important in life like making time for family.

* In all honesty, after doing this for over a decade, I realize one of the best ways I help is by just being there, willing to listen and truly caring.


Can you help me overcome challenges from past trauma?

This is an important question that I take extremely seriously. To begin, my coaching is not a substitution for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment. I am a certified life coach and I am not in any way qualified to diagnose or treat mental health disorders. In saying this, many clients have signed up for coaching after or during working with such professionals and find my methods extremely helpful. I have also had clients start with my coaching and being able to open up with me, opened the door in feeling comfortable enough to go to counselling. The work of a life coach, by definition, is to listen and ask thought-provoking questions. To help their clients work out and voice current life blocks where, together both client and coach come up with a solution on how to move forward. The purpose of coaching is not to spend time in the past, it’s all about forward movement! A client may dive into what’s been holding them back and spend some time dissecting the conclusions, but only to better understand the path forward. Great coaches help their clients find their own solutions. 


Do I need to have a session every week?

I know that illness and life events happen and often last minute, in this situation, I give 24 hrs to cancel a session and will not deduct the time. Otherwise, yes, I have everything set up the way I do for maximum success, which includes a weekly session. The breakdown is (1) 30 – 60 minute session a week with an open door policy to reach out Monday – Sunday via chat or text. 



Will coaching work if I’m not sure I want to make changes?

Maybe? Perhaps along the way of coaching, you’ll realize you want to make changes, perhaps you’ll realize you don’t. I ask people to sign up only if they feel ready to at least start the work. I don’t want to change anyone, that’s not my job. As a coach, my focus isn’t to fix you, it’s to help you create a path to the life you want. Hand in hand, choice by choice, we work as a team, and part of teamwork means two people being committed to the process! 

Are you a coach because you’re perfect and have your entire life together? Ok, no one has asked this lol but I want to put this out there.

NO !!!!! You and I aren’t that different. We are both walking life’s path and doing the best we can. I continue on my own health journey from the inside out as I help others do the same. I know what it feels like to want to make changes, to feel hopeless with no self-love and my passion for coaching comes from knowing that we as people CAN live our best and most blessed life if we are willing to start the wheels of change. Along with my passion, I have schooling and the experience of working with people globally over the last decade. 

Does virtual coaching really work’?  

I asked myself this very question when I started coaching in 2011 in deciding how to best serve others. Starting out, I had never heard of a coach offering sessions solely in typing format. In fact, when I brought it up to my coaching teachers, they had never heard of it either and felt I should go the regular way for optimal success. Ultimately, I followed my heart and created my coaching method and business from the ground up.

Why was I so drawn to providing this type of coaching? It came from personally knowing rock bottom. When I was feeling my lowest with social anxiety, I would not go see a coach in person. I thought a lot about what would have helped me the most when I felt my lowest. I determined it was a place where I could have been heard without physically having to show up, a place where I would have felt 100% at ease in my comfort zone. If you’re my ideal client, you understand this. This approach got me wondering how many others felt like I had and needed this type of space to share openly where they could succeed. There is great power in silence. In the sessions I provide, my clients have a safe space to hear themselves think. It allows them to reflect and go deep down to the core of the matter without feeling rushed. Just think, if I asked you a BIG life question in person, would you feel comfortable taking 60+ seconds to reflect? Many people don’t and are apt to rush to an answer because someone is sitting there waiting for a reply. Get out a timer and be silent for 60+ seconds. For many, this is not a comfortable thing to do. I believe in the effectiveness of the online coaching I provide and have witnessed my client’s benefit time and time again over the last 10+ years 

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