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A little of my story

 It was late 2010, I was 32 and feeling burdened by so many emotions. I had a beautiful life with my husband and our two boys, but there was still part of me that felt like a such a disappointment. I struggled not knowing why I felt this way and felt guilty for feeling this way. I decided I needed to make some big changes from the inside out, to work on both my physical and mental health. The night I decided to commit to changing my life around, I stood on the scale at 310 lbs thinking it was my weight making me feel the way I did but I've come to realize over the years that the biggest issues I faced were the weight of shame, self doubt, fear and feelings of unworthiness.

About 3-4 months into my wellness journey, I created a Facebook page to share what I was doing. I thought if I could have maybe 20 people join my page, exchanging motivation, it would be amazing. To be sitting here today having a verified Facebook page that's over 60k strong truly blows my mind. I learned about life coaching by page friends who started reaching out telling me to look into it. At first, I blew it off, I had never heard of everyday life coaches for everyday people & thought it was something the rich & famous did. As my confidence grew, I realized helping people was my calling and I looked into coaching and in doing so, I realized that every day of my life leading up to that moment was meant to happen, especially the most painful, challenging aspects. I realized I could use my voice, feelings, hardships & successes to help others & that’s when I found an accredited school to get certified and earned the credentials of Sara Bown LIFE wellness coach. I know all that may sound corny but it's the truth, I'm now 12 years into virtually coaching people from all over the world and the first word that comes to mind is humbled! I cannot express to you the joy and fulfillment coaching brings me and how privileged I feel that people trust me with such intimate, delicate parts of their lives,


In saying all this, I have a very limited amount of one on one coaching openings a year.  I  also give my heart and soul into posting motivation, inspiration, hope, love and care on my social media pages and I do this because YOU matter and if I can help you see / find your worth, if I can help positively impact your life in any way, that brings me great joy. In a world where it often feels like everyone wants something from us, like we're merely numbers, I want you to feel seen, heard and important and to know the only thing I want from you, is for you to live your best life.

Was pretty excited to be in magzines
 I've come to realize over the years that the biggest issues I faced were the weight of shame, self doubt, fear and feelings of unworthiness "
My mission

 As a motivational speaker and life coach, these are my goals...

1st ) My work started by sharing on social media and this is work that remains extremely important to me. I post on social media daily with a prayer that I reach at least one person with words of encouragement. I pray people leave my social pages knowing that they matter, that they make the word a better place and feeling encouraged to keep going with hope in their heart. It's also extremely important to me to talk about the power of kindness because let's face it, our world needs more of it and it's free !  

2nd) As a virtual life coach, I want to help my clients reach goals that will make their life better, feeling more fulfilled and capable knowing they have great worth. I find joy in helping people realize that they CAN do things they felt were impossible. My approach when working with people comes from knowing so many of the emotions involved because I'll forever be on my own wellness from the inside out journey. I love seeing the shift in people when they realize that even tiny commitments to change are huge when we stay consistent. I KNOW that people are capable of amazing things and having the opportunity to help others live their best most blessed life, is a privilege. 

3rd) As a motivational speaker, my goal is to share all I mentioned above as often as I can out into the world. Most of my work is virtual and I feel so grateful that technology allows me to do this. We each have the ability to shine out love, light, compassion and kindness into the world, I want to leave this world knowing I did what I could to make it better, to leave people I encounter feeling important, appreciated, loved, seen and heard. One day, my 4 children may look me up online, I pray I can continue teaching them life lessons via the virtual footprint I leave behind, long after I'm gone. 

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