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It has whispered to my insecurities is such an impactful way

Obese… I’ve long despised this word, I’ve long felt distressing pain that it could be used as a descriptive word for me. Every time I hear it, I think of the word (( beast )) it has whispered to my insecurities in such a deep, impactful way over the years.

Why am I sharing this ? Because my mission as a life coach is to help others & I truly believe that some of the most helpful tools I have, tools we all have come from our own personal struggles and triumphs. God allows this wonderful opportunity for all of us to take our struggles & turn them into lessons and blessings.

So what’s your word, the word you feel could be used to describe you, that hits you where it hurts ? Maybe it’s loud, skinny, needy, fat, bossy, moody, rude ….. do you have it in your mind yet ?

Today I want to remind you that whatever word it is, WE each are the ones that allow it to hold power over us. I mean, it takes SO many words to describe you, don’t let one control you !! If you feel judged, remember that people give labels all the time without knowing our journey, without knowing our struggles or accomplishments…. I ran two 1/2 marathons (( obese )) but more importantly, I also ran them as someone who is determined, dedicated, happy, blessed, capable, affectionate, compassionate, loving and caring…. my point here is, we cannot, MUST not allow a word to define us.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work to be our best self but yet to love ourselves every step of the way along the journey.

Labels only have power if we allow them and they only belong on items we’re thinking of buying… I’ve come a long way in learning this and with this growth has come the release of shame.

Never forget how important you are & how many wonderful ( adjectives ) make up who you are !

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