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Sara Bown & Friends Virtual Steps challenge Sponsors


First, let's go over what sponsors get from me. In short, you get free advertising ! First, your logo will be on the monthly bib that each participant makes a collage with. So of course each participant sees your logo along with EVERY person who sees their participation photo when they post on their social media pages and this is true for EVERY participant which means a lot of eyes are seeing your logo. I also write up little business blurbs for each sponsor on this page, as a sponsor you can let me know what you want included with a photo. I also do monthly shout outs from facebook, Tiktok and Instagram. My facebook is over 61 thousand strong and last year had an organic reach of over 70 million.

 Since I'm starting this event back up from scratch, I'm looking for Sponsors to jump on board asap. Sponsors I had for years previously include, Mizuno USA, Mizuno Canada, Lola Getts Active, Clif Bar, Lulu Lemon & Hydr-8 water bottles. I'll add a couple photos below to give an idea of what they gave. 


 Now let's talk about how you become a sponsor. To qualify in having your logo on the monthly bib, you have to be willing to gift a good prize monthly. I am open to gift cards but the gift card has to be enough to cover something you sell. If you look below you can see where logo's are situated. If you would like to add your social media @handle instead or along with your logo you can do so for $35 a month USD. Please note, as shown on the sample bib below, the @handle is smaller than a logo.

 You do NOT need to commit long term but you can, please tell me your intentions when you reach out. 

  In the past, most of the companies sent me prizes in bulk and I divided them up monthly and shipped them out to the winners myself. We can talk about your company doing their own shipping if you wish but I want to be absolutely sure winners receive their prize. 

21492_542689919234146_389333108655641127_n copy 3 (1).jpg

If you have ANY questions or suggestions at all PLEASE do not hesitate in reaching out to me.

My email is (Please note that's Bown and not Brown ) 

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