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Sara Bown & Friends Virtual Steps Challenge

This is for ALL fitness levels from sedentary to extremely active

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 Hi, My name is Sara Bown, I'm 46, live in Atlantic Canada and have been working as a Certified Virtual Life Coach since 2012  To learn more about me, you can visit here -->


 If interested in becoming a sponsor, you can skip to this page for full details ->

  Event Details: In 2012 I began a free challenge called Sara Bown & friends virtual 5k / 10k which ended up having over 1000 participants globally. I hosted this free event for years and had some wonderful sponsors on board such as Mizuno Canada, Mizuno United States, Lola Getts Active, Lulu Lemon, Clif Bar & Hydr-8 water bottles. When I started this event, my husband and I had two young children and while it was running, we had another two. My pregnancies while hosting these events were both high risk and I was very sick which contributed to me letting this amazing monthly challenge eventually fizzing out. My children are now 21, 17, 10 & 4 and I am ready to bring this amazing event back to life with a bit of a facelift. 

 The facelift: As mentioned this used to be called a virtual 5k / 10k where a majority of people ran. I myself even completed two 1/2 marathons at the time but I always wanted this to feel more inclusive for ALL people, runners & walkers no matter the pace or distance because ( an accomplishment ) is unique to each of us and based on where we start from. I now struggle with rheumatoid arthritis pain and my own running days are over so I understand this first hand. This is why I am now calling this a virtual steps challenge, you can certainly still run but you don't have to. For some people a 10 mile run is a challenge they want to take on, for others, it might be a 2 minute walk. I want this to be an event where you feel seen and celebrated for your accomplishment whatever it is. As long as the goal pushes you in some way, it's not too small.   


 How to take part: First, you're not officially signed up until you have a FREE master list number given to you by me. If you want a master list number please send me an email here -> with the subject line * Virtual Steps *  Please note, my last name when sending an email or looking me up on social media is Bown and not Brown. I will reply to your email with your master list number and this will remain your number each and every month moving forward. If you ever forget your number, you can look it up here -->

 Again, this is a FREE event that I manage 100% myself. I  cover the shipping and buy prizes when able. I will admit, the financial side of hosting also contributed to the event fizzling out but I don't charge a fee as I don't want finances to hold people back from participating. For those able to contribute a monetary gift towards the event on occasion, you can do so by visiting this link -->   I have my Paypal info listed and appreciate ANY help SO much ! Just imagine if each participant who could, contributed even $4 a month, it all helps. 

  This event takes place one weekend a month, I will post which weekend in here and on social media at the beginning of each month. I keep it open from a Friday to Monday to allow enough time for busy schedules. For example, this month the event will run from the 23rd - 25th. If your goal is to complete a 5 mile walk, you complete a 5 mile walk ONCE over the set weekend. If your goal is to get up and walk to your mailbox, whatever your goal, complete it once over the event weekend.

 You're welcome to participae from Facebook, Tiktok and instagram, that being said, facebook is currently my largest account over 61k strong and where I hosted my previous event from for years. If at all possible, PLEASE take part the following way. 

1) Go to this facebook group - >  and request to join asap. I am the only person who allows people in this private group and I keep it as safe / spam free as possible. No business or promotion posts are allowed. This group is to share health and wellness + challenge posts.

 2) Each month print out the virtual bib I create like the one you see above. I will have the bib image posted in here and on all social platforms with plenty of time to save and print. During the month I invite you to share monthly goals including your event goal.  After participating each month, take a picture holding up your bib and post in the group making sure your master list # is on the bib. This action is what qualifies you into the monthly draws. I realize some people cannot print, if this is the case, save the bib photo to your phone and edit it into your event picture. I'll add some examples of how people did this in the past, below.


 Tiktok: @sarabown  After completing the challenge each month, post on your tiktok, making sure your master list number is included along with any other details and tag me. Please be sure to include the hashtags #PowerInTogether & #SaraBownAndFriends 

 Instagram: @saraebown ( note, there's an e in the middle )  After completing the challenge each month, post on your instagram making sure your master list number is included along with any other details and tag me. Please be sure to include the hashtags #PowerInTogether & #SaraBownAndFriends 

 ** When you share pictures or tag me, you're giving me permission to share from my social pages. A big exciting part for me is to celebrate YOU and your achievement. 

 In Short:

1) Email me and get a master list number

2) Join the facebook group I have linked above if at all possible

3) Check in each month to see what weekend the event will take place

4) Print out the bib for that month 

5) Post your picture holding your bib on facebook, tiktok or instragram and tag me using #PowerInTogether & #SaraBownAndFriends 

  Let's talk challenge goals, the idea is to come together virtually once a month as a global community for our health. Of course I hope this branches out to weekly in your lives but for this event weekend, I want you to challenge yourself with something doable, that also feels like an accomplishment.

* Set any run distance you like

* Set any walk distance you like

* Put on your fitbit, Apple, Garmin or watch and set a time goal, you get as far as you get in that time.

* Walk in place in front of your tv while your favorite show is on for an hour

 * Do a walk away the pounds video ( available on YouTube)

* Living a sedentary life ? Maybe your goal is to walk to the bathroom or to the mailbox. 

The sky is the limit here, you set your goal because only you can know what a doable challenge is and when you post your participation picture, please share what your goal was and why.

I just want to add, if your goal truly is to walk to the bathroom, kitchen or mailbox, please don't be embarrassed to share, I want to cheer you on because that's amazing. This challenge is truly for (( everyone ))  

 If you have ANY questions at all please send me an email, I'm happy to help. 

 Here are some participation photos people shared in the past to give an idea of what I'm looking for. 



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