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How to create meaningful goals

How about a little help setting some goals

As a certified LIFE coach, I have fun posting monthly challenges but the BEST results come from YOU sharing with me what your goals are. I know, I know, so many people think they will go to a coach to have the coach tell them exactly what to do but from working with people from all over the world and using different methods over the years, I know what makes a coach great, is listening and helping the person voice, create and act on living their OWN best life because NO one knows you better than you ! I will say this, when setting goals, look at the BIG picture. Living an awesome goal reaching life is ALL about balance and building a strong foundation to withstand the storms of life. Even if you have a goal to drop 20 lbs, it can’t all be about that, as people, we are not so one dimensional and I say this from a lot of my own experience .

All the following tips are to help you set up a plan to ROCK health & wellness from the inside out !

  1. Do you have a health goal ? Be specific with what it is and what you can start NOW to work towards it. Within this, reflect on your water goal, food goal and activity goal. Think and write down what has and has not worked for you before and ask yourself do I really want to work on this or do I wish a did. Real change takes real commitment and dedication and requires us being honest with ourselves! It is also SO important to know that what we eat, our water consumption and movement all goes hand in hand ! Goals do NOT need to be big, the BEST goals are ones we will actually act upon. For example, not drinking water ? start with a goal to drink a glass a day..

2. Emotional well being is one of the most key aspects to living our best blessed life, it’s all about loving who you are NOW and knowing your value before you change anything about yourself…THIS is what I call building the needed foundation because once you build a strong foundation on self love, respect & belief you can withstand the storms of life that will ALWAYS come, for me this also includes a foundation built on #GodsGrace. This emotional aspect is SO often the most important and also skipped step, it will help you reach things you never dreamed possible ! No matter what your dreams are, make time for them, write down where you want to be this time next week, month.. year and take the time to fit this into what truly matters to you in your daily life.

3. Fun…YES, we need to have fun ! Not only that, our friends and family, they need us to have fun. I know a HUGE key word on social media has been (( hustle )) and I am SO OVER, truth be told, it’s never floated my boat ! So many people are so busy in the hustle, they miss the beauty right in front of them. I sure do believe in hard work and dedication but I also REALLY focus on how our only promised moment is now… So enjoy the people and life you have, too much hustle and you may just miss the beauty of it all and wake up asking ” where did everyone and everything go ”

4. LIFE – Do you have a life goal, have you had one for years ?? Why can’t this be the year to go back to school, save money for a house or vehicle, take a course online, connect with new friends, volunteer, start back at church, make a new commitment to your relationship, say goodbye to a toxic relationship, learn to play the guitar, take up drawing or painting again…the list goes on and on… Again NOW is our only promised moment so don’t wait to live, live NOW to your fullest and rock out some kindness, love and compassion along the way everywhere you can !

Now, taking all the above into consideration, make a goal chart !

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