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If you live a live with love, you're living the dream

In this time we live in, so much, so often is about bigger and better, we see constant images of people living the life, the ” perfect ” life and time is spent ( wasted ) on exploring how WE can live that life. It so often comes down to an internal voice saying ” When I ………………………………. I’ll be able to live the most amazing life ” fill in the blank with something you may be waiting for – > when I drop pounds, when I get my dream job, when I make more money, when I have my dream family, when I get that car, that house <– the list just goes on and on.

I just wanted to send out a reminder tonight that if you have a life with love, you ARE living the dream life ! Let me say that again…if you have a life with love, you ARE living the dream life !

Things often seem perfect because they are constructed to look that way, we live in a time when everything can be seen through a filter and so often we see so many filters, we are bombarded by them, we forget they exist and take them as the real deal and when we see our own real, filled with mishaps, flaws, mistakes we don’t want to share that because, what will people think, what if people judge us, what if we aren’t good enough the way we are, these questions, this self talk, is a killer of dreams and self love.

As people reading this post, we all come with so many differences, our history, our story but there is something true for us ALL, we ALL have the gift of now, even if we struggle in areas of our life, we have blessings in other areas. We so often wish we lived in a world with more real, where it didn’t feel like ” fake ” made the headlines and was viewed as the ” must have ” but WE are the world and I’m not taking about a little makeup, hair color, turning our picture to black and white, I’m talking about the things that make us, US on the inside that shine out to the world.

I have my social media pages like my facebook page and share all kinds of things that could be perceived as personal or embarrassing ..what would society say about my truths ?! Society is me, it’s us, and I only know my full story…I’m proud that I changed my life from the inside out, I’m proud that with so many statistics of emotional eaters not being able to change their ways for life, I am breaking that statistic every day and always improving, I am proud because I know where I come from and it’s soooo far, it’s ok if others can’t see that but I know many do – I know the good that can come from it and know it’s what God wants me to share, to take life lessons, growths and continued growth and put it out there for others, so others who feel like I felt only a few short years ago, know there is HOPE ! I know it can be scary to put the real you out there, feeling exposed but the beauty is, when we do that, we are NOT alone because under every bit of fake is a whole lot of real and often fear… we live in a time when it’s more important than ever to share our stories of strength and beauty – it’s important that our children don’t grow up thinking that materialistic things is what matters and that the heart of a person is just something people talked about in the old days…

Sometimes, we feel like we have nothing to give because as mentioned above, it seems that people want big, flashy things but I believe what most people really want is love, acknowledgement, care….we are people, not machines and people run on emotions and feelings, there is something about a heartfelt ” I love you ” ” job well done ” I care about you ” that can’t be duplicated with a ” thing ” !

Let’s not wait for magazines to bring this in style, this is something we each can do, something we each can give and something that adds to the world in such a positive way – Also, your real story belongs to you, it most likely is one of bravery, sadness and happiness, it may be messy and it may not fit into a pretty little box but it doesn’t need to, why box it up when it can help so the beautiful transformation of the butterfly…our journey and story can have wings and reach countless others who need it.

Be proud of who you are now, in this VERY moment and if you have things you want to change and improve, don’t let the ” perfect ” images hold you down making you think ” why bother ” your story and journey adds value to the world and no matter how alone you may feel, you aren’t.

SO MANY PEOPLE ARE JUST WAITING FOR ” REAL ” TO BE THE NEW STYLE so rejoice in it, embrace it and SHARE it !!

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