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Food addiction is

Food addiction is ….

Food addiction is feeling strong one moment and craving food so strongly the next that you just feel like breaking down & screaming or crying until you give in. It makes you feel weak, out of control & hopeless.

Food addiction is knowing that your eating patterns are horrible for your health & go against everything you want for yourself but you give in because the craving & habit to eat a certain way is relentless in it’s pursuit in making you cave.

Food addiction is shopping at the store wishing you were invisible but instead feeling like you’re walking with flashing lights and feeling like your face should be in a wanted add, feeling shame for eating in such a way. Shame follows you like a shadow and you constantly feel seen while also feeling like you’re never “ truly “ seen.

Food addiction is scary because reaching for certain foods & certain amounts of foods is a habit that helps you cope & with that habit gone, you need to find new methods of coping.

Food addiction IS real !!

Food addiction is HARD !!

Food addiction isn’t some easy action to wish away, it takes hard work, dedication, determination, patience & time to overcome. Like those addicted to smoking, drugs, alcohol or gambling ( list goes on ) it has a hard core hold on people & this hold fights for control even when the person has the best of intentions to overcome. Unlike other addictions, food addiction is often easy to see, making those who suffer an easy target, these people often wear their shame constantly for others to see, can you for a moment imagine how that would feel ?

“ If he or she wants to lose weight they should just stop eating so much” Sound familiar ?!? This post was written for those who may not understand the pain or understand the constant fight a person has to keep fighting when they fall down and have the courage to get back up because they refuse to give in.

This post was also written for those addicted. You CAN overcome, it may feel excruciating & impossible but it’s not and there is only one person who can get you to the other side and that’s you so keep fighting & keep that head held high because you’re a fighter & should be proud not ashamed!! Take your days step by step.. choice by choice & moment by moment.

We’ve got this !!

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