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Living a healthy life shouldn't feel like punishment

If you’ve known me any amount of time, you know that I believe that the most impactful positive change comes from building a strong emotional foundation and I’m going to talk about how this goes hand in hand with daily goals. For those who have health and wellness goals, setting these goals can often feel like punishment and I want to help you challenge and change that thinking ! Do me a favor and close your eyes. I want you to picture yourself doing your most favorite relaxing activity. You know, that activity you just love that makes you feel free, alive and amazing. Think about why you love this activity so much. Now, let me ask you, Why can’t physical activity, eating healthy and really showing up for yourself be one of your favorite go to activities ? I’m not kidding, I truly believe that most paths taken in life are a direct result of decisions we make daily, several times a day. I say ” most ” because situations do arise in life that we have no control over like death, lay off from work, relationships not working out….

How do you ” choose ” to look at your wellness ? It’s true, it does take effort and commitment to live well so we have a choice…. we can make the choice to view it as something we really dislike, where we resent every moment spent working on it OR we can choose to see it as special time just for us, an investment made to ourselves that allows us to be the best we can be, where each action taken is a commitment to living longer and happier. Just moments into physical activity, endorphins kick in and we start to feel alive. I know we have heard this a million times and it stands true , we never say ” wow, I wish I never did that workout or I wish I never had that special family moment.

Something I work very hard at doing in my life coaching and in my own life, is changing how we look at things. We can all easily google something to do for exercises or how we should be eating. But in creating life long impactful changes, we want to remember that we aren’t robots, we are each unique with different things that makes us tick, that bring us joy, just because something works amazingly well for Sally up the street doesn’t mean it will work for us. We want to build a healthy life with healthy habits that we can actually enjoy and do long-term so don’t be afraid to create your own path and try different things until you find the right fit.

Have you ever taken a few moments to consider how you look at healthy living ? If you view it as work and hard…it will ALWAYS be work and hard. But if you can view it for all it’s amazing benefits while being grateful for the opportunity it provides to live your most healthy, happy, productive, amazing life, slowly as you implement new habits and positive thinking, you will start to see it that way. This all goes back to how I started this blog, the emotional work really matters because it sets the stage in how we view our daily choices.

I’m on a mission to help people realize that the emotional work is what is missing from a great majority of healthy lifestyles and not making the emotional work a priority is why it’s so easy to go back to old habits. We do not need to purchase the magic solution because the solution, the ” MAGIC ” is in ALL of us RIGHT NOW. Figure out your ” why ” and work on the” how ” and enjoy it. After all, what’s not to enjoy about living your best life and showing those you love that it can be done. You and the ones you love, are SO worth this !!

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