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The instant gratification of junk food.

To break the cycle that is addiction to junk food, we have to change our thinking. It’s actually a fact that junk food provides an immediate rush like drugs after eating it, the issue is, to keep that feeling you need to keep eating it and the TRUTH is ** what we need to focus on and be real with ** is how the junk makes our body feel ! We crash, have low energy, upset gut, trouble concentrating, short fuses, compromised immune systems, fatigue, immense inflammation … the list goes on and on.

So many people feel like they’ve been given a second chance at life once they get into clean eating or even ( cleaner ) eating. A key to overcoming is knowing what to expect !! First, motivation is an emotion, a wonderful emotion that provides courage to tackle the important goals in our life – JUST remember like all emotions it comes and goes and many give up healthy living the second motivation leaves and a huge reason for this is, the ( hard ) wasn’t expected. I mean we knew it would be hard at first but we didn’t know it would be (( hard )) and again, knowledge is power here. If you’re finding starting a new healthy lifestyle terrible hard, don’t be hard on yourself, this is actually normal and a huge thing here is expecting this and being ready for it ! Remember, you’re breaking an addiction ( yes that sugar has you hooked ) AND you’re breaking habits that you may have had for years. Maybe junk is your coping mechanism, just think about this, some people go away for treatment for various addictions and we know it’s a BIG deal !! You’re not weak because you’re having a hard time, it’s HARD !!

I truly feel knowing these things when starting out helps so much because the hard never fully leaves but the *struggle* does and after patience, dedication, determination & faith ….. you start to feel the hold of addiction and the effects of junk on your body lift, combine that with the natural adrenaline from physical activity and you feel like a new person ( make sure you drink you’re water as well , extremely important ) If you truly, honestly want to make a long lasting change this year and you’re addicted to junk food ( you know if you are ) I can’t say enough how self honesty will help you most, sit down and have a real conversation with yourself, don’t just jump on the motivator train with no strong foundation built. Build up your foundation by acknowledging the real issue, be clear it will be hard, come up with a list of all the negatives to this bad habit, ask yourself ( if not now, when ) life is precious, do you truly want to start (( tomorrow )) again ?? There truly is no time like now !! Practice self love, respect & belief with Gods Grace and get ready to start the journey of a lifetime !! When working with my clients, we find the ( why ) why is living your best life important to you and each week, THAT is the guiding force, not motivation that comes and goes.

I’ll leave you with this, to focus on this truth, hard doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome !! My two half marathons and all the training in the hot, hot months was HARD ! This new journey with chronic pain, gaining weight back and now committed to 100% new eating hasn’t been easy but the journey to the accomplishment is amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything !! You got this – YOU CAN DO THIS For me healthy living from the inside out is ALL about GAINING life and not merely losing weight ! I’m not on a diet, I practice aware eating, I’m learning the science, the truth of how our food should be our fuel, food shouldn’t control us and hold us prisoner, it should be something that makes us feel amazing, that allows us function at our best and provide optimal health.

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