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Yes Santa is real

Yes, Santa is real…

When I was a little girl, one stormy Christmas Eve I remember looking out my living room window and seeing Santa out on the middle of our street. There was a blizzard that night and yet his bright red, unmistakable outfit was easy to spot, I didn’t look very long in fear that he would see me and not come to our house so I took in those few seconds and have kept them with me, all these years. I will say however, I didn’t need to ” see ” Santa to believe he was real as I already knew it with all my heart and now older, I think that knowledge is why I saw him that night so long ago.

This time of year, you always hear the question come up, is there really a Santa ? Some are quick to say no, others are puzzled themselves and some like me, a mother to 3 boys who are 19, 15 and 7 along with a baby girl who’s 2, know Santa is indeed real as sure as we live and breath. So how do I know, how am I so sure and how can I show you, so you’ll also believe ?? To all of you who need proof, well, there are some things in life that can’t fully be explained and not fully seen the way a disbeliever may require. I think the reason some don’t see Santa, is the same reason why some don’t see the true blessing of flowers as they bloom in the spring, or truly apprehend how amazing it is, that the tiny song bird can sing such sweet, intricate songs. There are some things that need to be felt, that can only be felt if we are open to receive the gift of feeling.

I spend the Christmas season, remembering above all else, the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus and how God’s love and guidance follow me 365 days a year. I know some may feel that Santa takes away from the true meaning of the season, but if we really think about this, Santa doesn’t take away from the true meaning of Christmas, we as a people do. If there is greed and commercialism it’s something we have created and something we each can work to avoid. No, If we give pause and think of the intentions of Santa, we see that Santa is a beautiful representative of all that is good in the world and one we all can aspire to be more like.

For me, I see and feel Santa everywhere this time of year, like a whisper in the wind, I can feel his kindness and expression of tenderness during all the telethons where we come together as a people sharing our God given talents to help those among us who need a helping hand. I feel his presence when I pass a house of those who took time to string lights and decorations outside with the single aspiration to bring joy to others passing by, to give someone a smile and a little magic in a world that can often be lacking in this department. I have no trouble picturing his twinkling eyes & glistening rosy cheeks seeing the homeless fed and clothed or when someone takes the time to remember someone that may otherwise feel invisible. In my world, this time of year, Santa follows me around like my shadow and I feel him in holidays smells, music, snow, friendship, giving, loving, laughing, he is there, in all that is good and beautiful and reminds me constantly of what God would want.

So to answer your question, is Santa real, my answer is yes and I don’t say this to be cute or whimsical for the season, I say it because I believe it with all my heart. Santa is every bit as real as I am and will always exist in a world that shares love and kindness, especially during the Christmas season and if you want to feel him, all that is required is that you exhale Faith, Love & Kindness and inhale belief… when we do this, Santa’s heart grows a little bigger and our heart does as well.

On an ending note I have to say, thank you mom for being the best Santa elf EVER !

~ Written by: Sara Bown on 12/10/2015 and updated 13/11/2021 with my children’s current ages

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